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1. What was the best part of the project?

I think the best part of the project was creating the page itself. It's so cool that you can make all of this, and then put it out onto the net for the whole world to see.

2. If you were the teacher, what would you change about this project for next year?

If I was the teacher, I would change this project by adding the requirement that student would have to make all of the images on your site yourself. I did this, and I think it adds a lot to the site.

3. How proud are you of your work?

I am extrememly proud of my work. I think this project looks really good, and I don't think I could have done much better.

4. Did I find out anything suprising about my project?

I did not find out too many new things about my project's subject, basketball. I already knew quite a bit about it before I started.

5. Was I happy that I worked alone?

Yes, I am happy that I worked alone. Working by myself allowed me to work at my own pace and on my own time.

6. What grade do you believe you desereve?

I think that I deserve an A+. Maybe that sounds a bit cocky, but I put a lot of work into this project, and as I said before, I don't think I could've done much better.

7. What were your sources?

For the measurements of my basketball court, i went to the Y.M.C.A., and used a tape measure to get the exact measurements. I also used Grolier Encyclopedia for measurements of the rim and backboard.